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Congratulations on becoming a Lifetime Stock Video Reseller Partner

At Lifetime Stock Video, we are committed to your success. When our Reseller Partners succeed, then we succeed.

As a Reseller 500 partner, you will earn 100% profit on all Lifetime Stock Video Standard Memberships (less Paypal fees and JVZoo fees)

You will also earn 70% profit on any of the following upsells / upgrades:
- Lifetime Stock Video Professional Membership
- Lifetime Stock Video Premium Membership
- Lifetime Stock Images Professional Membership
- Lifetime Stock Video Standard Membership
- Lifetime Stock Video Reseller Partner
- Lifetime Stock Video Reseller 3-Pay Partner
(note: we pay the Paypal fees and JVZoo fees on your behalf for all upsells / upgrades)

To Do
Before you can start selling Lifetime Stock Video and earning 100% of the revenue, you will need to do the following:

(This should take approximately 5 minutes)

1. Join JVZoo (if you are not already a JVZoo partner.) JVZoo is a trusted third party shopping cart that manages partner and affiliate commission payout. You can join JVZoo here:

2. Find your JVZoo Affiliate ID.  This can be found on the My Account page at JVZoo:

3. Apply to become an affiliate for Lifetime Stock Video on our Affiliate Page here:

4. Log into the members centre at Top Stock Video ( and click on Support. Create a support ticket requesting a Reseller Partner Commissions and provide us your JVZoo Affiliate ID.  We will set  your commissions to 100% on Lifetime Stock Video Standard and 70% on the upsells and upgrades.

Your Unique Reseller Partner Link
After you have completed Step 4, we will provide you with your unique reseller partner link. You must use this link to direct customers to your offer or you will not earn any money. If you send visitors directly to our site without that link, you will not get credit for the sale and we cannot apply 100% commissions to sales after the fact. It is very important that all traffic you send to our site comes through your unique reseller partner link.

Purchase Additional Accounts for Resale
Once you have resold 500 Lifetime Stock Video Standard Memberships, you can purchase more for the same price that you paid today. Please contact us through your Top Stock Video support links requesting your private renewal link. Do not share this private renewal link with anyone.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about our Reseller Program, please email or open a support ticket from within the members area at
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